Virtual Series, Workshop 1

July 12, 2023 | 11 AM IST / 1:30 PM SGT / 3:30 PM AEDST Duration: 2 hours

Looking to supercharge your DevSecOps skills and stay at the forefront of the tech industry?
Look no further than DevNext, a series of live, hands-on workshops crafted to help you take definitive step towards mastering the tools of the DevSecOps trade.

With small class sizes, our seasoned experts will deep dive into the tools and techniques leveraged by top-tier DevOps teams on JFrog’s Software Supply Chain Platform and unveil cutting-edge DevSecOps practices which will help you find solutions to your organization’s software supply chain needs. 

As an attendee, you will gain hands-on experience with exclusive access to JFrog’s platform and be equipped with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to take your DevSecOps prowess to the next level.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your expertise and be at the vanguard of DevSecOps innovation.

Mastering DevOps Package Management with JFrog Artifactory

In this hands-on session, we will unpack what it means to have a robust package management solution, a single solution for housing and managing all your artifacts, binaries, containers and files across your software supply chain.

This workshop will share best practices to help you operate a central hub for your DevOps workflows, how to integrate with your tools and processes, efficiently managing your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and creating a trusted foundation for your DevOps.

What you will gain from this workshop:

  • Understand local, remote, virtual and federated repositories
  • Using JFrog Platform as a Docker registry
  • Features of JFrog Artifactory along with HA and DR setups
  • Publish and promote your software builds via JFrog CLI
  • Uncover any data related to the artifacts and builds using Artifactory Query Language (AQL)
Workshop pre-requisites:
Docker client:
  • You will need to install the Docker client on your machine for some parts of this workshop
JFrog CLI:
  • Install the compact and smart client that will provide a simple interface to automates access to the JFrog platform during the workshop. It will help simplify your automation scripts making them more readable and easier to maintain.
Test Jar or Hello World Jar:
  • We recommend the Hello world jar but any test jar should be fine for the workshop. This can be deleted after the workshop.
Firewall restrictions:
  • Please make sure that you have no firewall restrictions to connect to SaaS instances (* to perform basic upload/download tasks via your system during this workshop

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Ramkannan S

Sr. DevOps Solutions Engineer

Shilpa Kallaganad

Enterprise Solution Lead

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