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Join us for our LIVE lightning sessions that will empower your DevOps and DevSecOps skills with security know-how.

Virtual Event 

July 26, 2023 | 10:00 – 11:30 AM CET

As security is shifting left, DevOps teams are incorporating security practices in their day-to-day. Join us for our special DevSecOps Summer Edition lightning talks that offer valuable insights into security practices, innovation, technologies, and methodologies for DevOps and DevSecOps experts like you.

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10:00 AM


Ixchel Ruiz, Open Source & Developer Advocate

10:10 AM

Secrets of Software Security: Are you prepared for the worst?

Danny Parizada, Solution Engineer

10:35 AM

Preventing Risks from Entering Your SDLC

Batel Zohar, Developer Advocate

11:00 AM

Keys and Tokens: Guardians of Cloud Security in IAM Roles

Ronny Niv, DevOps Team Lead

11:25 AM

DevOps Security: When Developers Become the Target

Yair Mizrahi, Sr. Security Researcher

Let’s Hang Out:


Batel Zohar

Developer Advocate

Yair Mizrahi

 Sr. Security Researcher

Danny Parizada

Solution Engineer

Ronny Niv

DevOps Team Lead

Ixchel Ruiz

Open Source &  Developer Advocate
Gain practical knowledge from our technical experts and brush up your security know-how:
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